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Eephorea prides itself of being a leader in the industry on proper procedures regarding health and safety. Distilled or alcoholic beverages are a part of the nightlife industry; and we would like to remind our guests to please be safe and refrain from consuming excessive amounts which may put you or others in danger. If your night does consist of any alcoholic beverages, please use a planned mode of transportation to and from the venue; Eephorea is strongly against impaired driving and is proud to promote municipal and federal laws regarding public safety.

Additionally, the use of any illegal substances is strictly prohibited. The possession and the use of these illegal substances have severe legal ramifications. Eephorea does not condone the use of such substances and is not responsible for any injuries that come as a result of associating with these substances.

Eephorea reserves the right of admission refusal and the right to the denial of a refund to all those who act in violation of the previous guidelines and/or act in a manner that is dangerous, violent, foolish, threatening, etc. Please note that the right of admission refusal and the right to the denial or refunds can also be acted upon in cases similarly related to the previously stated guidelines or acting manner.

Drink responsibly. Stay Safe. Experience Eephorea.