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November 27, 2017

1. It's the last weekend before exams.


That's right! One more weekend to play hard before your days consist of Red Bulls, textbooks, and that study playlist you forgot you had on Spotify. 😂

It's okay to schedule some time to clear your head! It's customary to add Friday and Saturday nights (and Sundays if you're going the extra mile trying to defend your self-proclaimed title of Beer Pong Champion) to the end of every week so you can recharge and have just a teeensie bit of fun.

Why not hit up Babylon Nightclub (317 Bank Street) for the aggressively loud music and cheap drink specials as that long-awaited release you need? 🍹🎶


2. Jack Daniels is giving out goodies!


"What?? Gimme right now pls."

Yes, we'd love to! Best part is... it is FREE. Oh yeah, you heard us.

While supplies last, you might just be able to cop yourself a sweet new t-shirt, a shot glass for the next party you go to (or to use after that dreaded calc exam), complimentary drinks, and more! 🙌


3. $150.00 Prize Giveaway from Eephorea.


"Stop... you guys are kidding. MORE free stuff?"

We're not playing any Wicked Games. You really don't want to miss this edition of XO Night. Want to know what the goodies are? Well, our lips are sealed! 🤐

We know it won't disappoint. Anyone who comes to the event has a chance of winning. 👌


4. Pictures for Your Instagram.


"Ugh I really need some pictures with the squad."

We hear you loud and clear! Did you hear? We have a decked out photo booth WITH The Weeknd* himself (at least a cut-out version), a full House of Balloons, and even people to ghostwrite a fire caption for you 🔥🔥🔥!

Bring the squad with you. We'll get you that photo you've been looking for. 

PLUS we have group specials if you're 5 or more! 

Send us a message on Facebook here or email info@eephorea.com to unlock you and your friends a sweet hook up. 🔑 


5. Hot Music All Night Long.



OF COURSE you saw this one coming. The Weeknd's music has no shortage of fire. 🔥

You know exactly What You Need. There's no Coming Down, just jamming without a worry in this world until The Morning hits and you see 35 Snapchat Stories of your squad a little too turnt. Don't worry though, it's not like you do this Often... or do you? 🤔

Oh yeah and gents... you KNOW the ladies love them Weeknd tunes. 😏😏😏

So whatchu you waiting for?

Buy your tickets HERE now before prices go up! 

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